At Japan Centre Ichiba you’ll find a wide range of Japanese street food, baked goods and drinks ranging from all time favourites to modern twists on the classics. Whether you’re on the hunt for breakfast, lunch, dinner or something in between, we’ve got the perfect meal for you!

From udon to ramen and soba, we’ve got em’ all! Hot tip: for a flavour sensation like no other, we recommend trying our kotteri tonkotsu ramen or prawn tempura udon.
Bowls of rice never looked so good. Prepared fresh daily, our experts whip up all sorts of combinations of donburi and poke including the classic teriyaki salmon donburi and fresh tuna poke with a matcha yuzu dressing.
Watch our Japan Centre Ichiba team in the open theatrical kitchens as they prepare fresh and delicious takoyaki, okonomiyaki and yakisoba, teppanyaki style, right in front of your eyes!
Wagyu beef teriyaki, squid shio and negima shio on a stick, expertly cooked over a robata grill. Japanese cuisine at its simplest and finest. We’ll take 3 please!
Grab your sushi and sashimi to go from our Sushi section with our self-checkouts, or sit back and relax in one of our 200 seats. Whether you’re in the mood for hosomaki, nigiri or even fresh slices of sashimi we have it all!
Matcha lattes, expertly prepared tea or coffee paired with freshly baked treats like melon pans and dorayaki (Japanese filled pancakes)... Need we say more?
To drink select from ice cold artisanal Japanese beers, Japanese soft drinks, iced teas and sweet and savoury sakes.
Shoryu Ramen specialises in Hakata tonkotsu ramen from the Hakata district of Fukuoka city on the southern island of Kyushu, Japan. Hakata tonkotsu ramen is a style of ramen made with a thick, rich, white pork soup and thin, straight ramen noodles. Our Hakata tonkotsu ramen recipe has been specially created by our Executive Chef Kanji Furukawa who was born and raised in Hakata, to provide the UK with highly crafted, genuine tonkotsu rarely found outside Japan. Shoryu owner Tak Tokumine is also a native of Fukuoka city and along with Kanji is dedicated to championing his hometown’s local speciality.
Step into our Japanese curry kitchen and discover why this western take on curry is now one of the most popular fast-casual dishes in both the UK and Japan. With Japanese katsu curry now being as famous as sushi, fill up your happiness with our wide variety of fresh, crisp toppings from meaty kastu to vegetarian delights. Our rich and unforgettable sauce tops freshly milled Japonica rice with a huge range of katsu from goosnargh free range chicken to a wagyu hamburger that’s big in Japan! Our menu also has a selection of curry street food ranging from curry udon to curry steamed buns. Welcome to the world of Japanese curry.