The Japan Centre Ichiba team are proud to work with local artisan suppliers from all over Japan to bring you the very best products.

Cooking Essentials

Okui Kaiseido
Established in 1870, in the Fukui Prefecture, Okui Kaiseido has been producing high quality kombu kelp eversince.
Itsuki Foods
Since their foundation in 1878, Itsuki have been making high quality Japanese noodles and striving to continuously innovate noodle production technology in Japan.
Kinmemai, produced by Toyo Rice Corporation, is the world’s first health inspired Japanese-made, rinse free gourmet rice.
Established in 2005 in Lewes, East Sussex, NamaYasai LLP are Natural Agriculture™ growers of English and Japanese vegetables, herbs and fruit.
Makurazaki Katsuobushi
Makurazaki, the leading Japanese producers of Katsuobushi, set up shop in France in 2014 with the aim of bringing authentic Japanese flavours to Europe and the UK.
Mikuniya specialises in producing premium nori seaweed which is harvested from the Hiroshima Bay. Mikuniya’s seaweed is loved and used by sushi chef's all around the world.
Operating in Kyoto since 1962, Mori pickles organic vegetables harvested from their farm where they ensure they only grow their vegetables under the open sky and never in a greenhouse.
OFJ dashi stock has been made with powdered pure bonito flakes from Yaizu, Shizuoka. OFJ pride themselves on making 100% additive free stock powder.
Otokomae Tofu
Since setting up shop in Kyoto in 2005, Otokomae have had one aim in mind: bringing fine quality, fresh tofu products to Japan and the rest of the world.
One of the oldest shichimi traders in Japan, Shichimiya started their business near the Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, where their shop still stands today.

Miso and Sauces

Hikari Miso
Founded in Nagano, Japan in 1936, Hikari Miso produce organic and non-GMO miso supporting organic soybean and rice farmers across Japan.
Established in 1917, Kikkoman is known and appreciated by people all over the world for its high quality sauces.
Masuya Miso
For over 75 years the Masuyamiso Company has followed the three principles of quality, safety, and trust while becoming a leading producer of miso in Japan.
Saikyo Miso
Saikyo Miso originated in Kyoto in 1830, as the chosen miso manufacturer to the Imperial Palace. Their miso is known for its generous amount of rice malt and its sweetness due to its low sodium content.
Sawai Shoyu
Sawai Shoyu is a leading soy sauce brand from Kyoto. Their 400 year old factory is open to the public with locals popping in and out to refill large ceramic jugs of their favorite brew.
Shibanuma Shoyu
Shibanuma Soy Sauce has specialized in producing soy sauce and Japanese seasoning in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Prefecture, for over 320 years.
Yamato Soy-Sauce Miso
Founded in 1911 by Tomatsu Yamamoto, Yamato manufactures natural miso, amazake, soy sauce and other sauces without artificial flavours or colours.


Sasaki Seicha
Established in 1954, Sasaki Green Tea Company holds JAS organic certification as a Japanese green tea manufacturer.
Ushijima Tea
Ushijima Tea was established in 1921 and produces Sencha, Gyokura, Shiraore, Hoji, Matcha, Yame Tea and Oolong.
Yamasu Tea
Yamasu are tea makers based in Shizuoka. Known for their stylish packaging, their tea is very popular to give as a gift.

Sake, Beer & Spirits

With a focus on producing only the highest quality sake, Azumaichi brewery actually grow their own Yamada Nishiki rice to use in the production of their sake. This dedication has made them one of best known breweries in Kyushu.
Kato Kichibee Shoten brewery, the creators of Born sake, ages their sake at ice cold temperatures, maturing slowly over a year and only bottled when the real sake umami has blossomed.
More than half a century has passed since Choya began producing Umeshu. Today, it is a brand with country-wide recognition, available across the whole of Japan.
Cor Cor Rum
CorCor Rum is completely free of additives and artificial colours and is produced by the Grace Rum distillery, founded in Okinawa in 2004 by Yuko Kinjo.
Originally founded in 1637, Gekkeikan is one of the most popular brands in Japan and the chosen sake of the Japanese Imperial Family.
Founded in 1872 by the Doi Family, Kaiun is crafted in the Shizuoka Prefecture using the finest quality AAA ranked rice, grown in their own fields.
Kyoya Distillery, founded in 1834, pride themselves on creating the outstanding Kameshizuku shochu, in a way that is kind to the environment.
Kasumi Tsuru
Kasumi Tsuru brewery from Mikata in the Hyogo prefecture, produce their sake using kimoto-kei shubo, a world-class traditional sake production method.
Kazeno Mori
Yucho Shuzo, the brewery behind Kazeno Mori sake, has produced sake for over 300 years. They’re based in Nara, an area long considered to be the birthplace of sake in Japan.
In the years since Tosa Brewing Company's founding in 1877, Keigetsu has manufactured high-quality sake, using the finest soft water from the mountains in the Northern Kochi Prefecture, Shikoku Island.
Nakata Foods
Nakata Foods, based in the Wakayama prefecture, is one of the largest manufacturers of Umeshu in the region.
Nihonshu Oendan
Nihonshu Oendan is a Japanese sake company whose mission is to brew and bring the purest, most authentic Japanese sake to the world while helping revive small historical sake breweries.
Reflecting Mashiko, of the Tochigi Prefecture’s rich culture and tradition for centuries, the Sanran Sake brand is loved by locals as well as overseas sake enthusiasts.
Shoutoku Shuzo
With over 370 years of sake brewing experience, Shoutoku makes premium quality sake in a boutique brewery in Fushimi, just south of Kyoto.
Sudo Honke
Nicknamed ‘the brewery in the woods’ by locals, Sudo Honke was founded in 1174 in the Ibaraki Prefecture, making it one of the oldest sake breweries in Japan.
Established in 1858, Take-no-Tsuyu which translates to bamboo dew, is surrounded by the Three Mountains of Dewa, whose natural waters flow down to provide the brewery with crystal clear soft mineral water.
Brewed in a landlocked region, in the Tochigi Prefecture, Tentaka sake is locally treasured with only a small amount of sake allowed to leave the prefecture.
Tsuki-no-Katsura established in 1675, in the Fushimi area of Kyoto, is a sake brewery well known for the production of their unique and delicate sakes, most notably their Nigori Sake.
Founded in 1724, the main brewery of Urakasumi, is located in Shiogama in the Miyagi Prefecture, a place of scenic beauty facing the Pacific Ocean.

Homewares and Gifts

Anything originally set up shop in 2000 as a manufacturer of T-shirts with kanji characters emblazoned upon them. Soon after starting, however, they switched to focusing on making Japanese-style aprons called maekake.
Japanese bento box manufacturer, Hakoya, has been producing bento boxes for more than 20 years, ranging from funny modern ones to more traditional boxes.
Jikko Knives
Jikko, one of the best knifemakers in Japan, was established in 1901 in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture. Sakai is well known around the world as the city where Japan’s highest quality knives are made.
Kawai Ohashi
Based in Fukui Prefecture, Kawai Ohashi, manufacture worldclass chopsticks.
Kihara is a Japanese porcelain producing company based in Arita, Japan; a well known historical porcelain industrial area with a 400 year history.
Kurochiku, based in Kyoto, is a manufacturer of high quality gifts and homewares. Their items reflect long-standing aspects of Japanese culture, including traditional patterns, textured cloths, and Kyoto craftsmanship.
Sanrio, the company behind adorable characters Hello Kitty and Gudetama, designs, licenses and produces stationery, school supplies, gifts, accessories and much, much more.
After nearly 300 years of operation, the Hata family continues the legacy of their innovative ancestors, offering a wide variety of unique, hand-blended incense.