Nao Torisawa

Nao, our resident Sake Sommelier and Japan Centre Ichiba Store Manager, has been working with the Japan Centre Group for the past 15 years. Nao is a big believer in teamwork and embraces this in every aspect of his life, even playing the drums in his band when he’s not on the shop floor! He is on hand to help you pick the perfect sake and advise on the best products to make your cooking dreams a reality.

Tatsuhiko Tokunaga

Tokunaga san has been working at Japan Centre for over 8 years and has worked across the business sharing his expertise with teams in Shoryu and Sakagura. Tokunaga is an expert sushi and sashimi chef, butcher and fishmonger. He is able to create amazing fresh bentos for our customers and cut fish and meat to any way you wish for any occasion.